Thursday, March 7

Lele trying to love her apartment



I feel like I need to make a comeback on the blog because there have been some events happening lately that I just feel the need to complain about, or talk about, or just get it out into the world.  So, I'm tellin' ya right now.  I think I need to get back to what Lele Likey.

Here's the deal.  I started a new job, I have seriously zero time, and our wedding is getting ridiculously close, and I'm pretty much starting to obsess over every detail.  I didn't think I would be cray cray, and I keep telling myself that "Leah, just remember that this day is about you and Sean." and of course it is. But its also about so many other people too.  And so many people are involved in this thing, its kinda nuts, and there's seriously so many freaking decisions to make, and things to do, and people to see, and things to make sure are in working order.  Like, good lord what am I going to do with my hair? What shoes am I gonna wear?  What are my bridesmaids gonna put on their feet? What is my mom gonna wear?  Did I address that envelope properly?  Did they break up?  Are they a "Mr." or a "Dr."?  And do you have to spell that shit out?  Did I spell everyone's names right?  Does everyone feel equally loved whether they are in the bridal party or not?  Are people sick of me talking about the wedding?  Holy shit I haven't made artwork in a really long time and I have a show in June the week before the wedding.  Is a little kid gonna barf on my dress?  They better not.  How can I lose weight before this day so I feel amazing, because I'm trying right now and I'm pretty much starving all the time.

And now, to top it all off:

Remember this post?

Well.  Turns out our DIY closet actually did rip the closet down and the wall along with it.  Last night I went to hang up a dress and I hear this giant "craaaaaack" coming from behind my clothes hanging on their stupid closet rod, and i look behind the clothes and a giant chunk of the wall has come off along with the fricking post that holds up the closet rod.

So we had to take all of our clothes down.  Put them on the floor because we don't have a single closet in our apartment and we have to figure out what the hell we're gonna do with 1) our clothes 2) this Giant gaping hole in our wall.

I guess IKEA here we come?!


This is a little how I feel about our closet ripping our wall down.  Oh Seanny, here we go again, good old Dekalb Avenue. 

Thursday, January 10

Lele likey Solange

Guys, have you heard Solange Knowles new single "Losing You"?  Well, if you haven't, watch it below.  The video is gorgeous and sexy and I'm jealous of everyone's outfits in the video, also the music is pretty great, too.  Serious girl crush happening, and I just bought tickets to see her on Feb. 20!  Woop woop! 

P.S. Yes, she is Beyonce's little sister.  That certainly can't hurt things.

Tuesday, January 8

Lele trying to do Bridal Bootcamp

Okay guys, its offish.  I'm in full on Bridal Bootcamp mode and that means serious business.  I tried on my dress over the holidays (which I will admit was bad timing after I shoved 32 sugar cookies in my mouth per day)...but let's just say the dress was a wee bit snug.

And do you know what one of my biggest fears is on my wedding day?

Back fat.

I'm serious.  I do not want that skin hangin' over the back of my dress.  Uh uh. nah.  Not this girl.

So I've cut out beer, bread after 5pm, and have begun meal planning like a crazy person.  I made this vegetarian soup the other night and it was AWESOME.  I'm starting to realize that no matter how much I work out, nothing will change unless I change my diet as well.  So, that's what I'm tryin' to do.  I've decided that on the 29th of each month I can reward myself with a treat (because we are getting married on the 29th of June, so it'll be like a monthly marker....are you starting to see my crazy?), like a burger or a shake or something, but every other day of the month I have to be on my game.

So, giddy 'up!  Bridal bootcamp here we come!

Friday, January 4

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year Loves!

Wow, its finally 2013!  The year of our wedding...yayyyyyy!  I cannot tell you how happy I am that we are in this year now.  I've been READY for it.  Don't get me wrong, 2012 was amazing and awesome, but I am STOKED to be in 2013.

Sean and I had a wonderful, if not epic, Christmas vacation.  We started in Albany, stayed there for four days, had Christmas with his entire fam, saw a bunch of his homies from high school, and hung out with all of his nephs.  Then we trekked through airports to get to Kansas, and spent 5 days there with my whole family.  We played a ton of card games, went bowling with all the wee ones, ate at an awesome hibachi grill, and had a dance party in the kitchen on New Year's Eve!

All in all, it was a really great trip, but I'm happy to be back in NYC gettin' into a routine and making lists of all the things I want to get done each month before our big day!

Here's a song to start your year off right.  I really love this song.  Happy Friday, loves!  Let's make 2013 awesome.

Friday, December 21

Lele ready to let the Holiday Celebrations Begin!

Well little loves, how have your weeks been?  My week was hectic and crazy and still adjusting to the new job, but I have to is good.  I finished my last day of work today until after the 1st of the year and I must admit I am just so excited to start celebrating the holidays and the end of the year and to just RELAX with the fams.  Even though this is my first year ever to be away from Kansas for Christmas, I must admit, I'm pretty stoked to wake up on Christmas day and see Seanny there next to me.

To celebrate, Sean and I went out to my favorite restaurant (it seriously is the best pizza in the world...I'm not exaggerating) in Brooklyn, got a bottle of wine, ate pizza and cheese and just enjoyed each other's company.  He got me about the sweetest card with the most incredible note I've ever read, and helped me to remember what Christmas is really about: lovin' each other and lettin' em know how special they are to you.

I had a really good day at work and am really enjoying getting to know all of my new coworkers.  It's overwhelming and also awesome to be in something that is so new and foreign.  But I think, to be honest, it will end up being something really good for me.

Here are a couple pictures of my Christmas-ed neices and nephs, the card that Sean got me (he also got me a massage at Massage Williamsburg for Christmas which was pretty much heaven wrapped up into a 90 minute session), and a photoshopped picture of us from Elf that we used for our Christmas party invitation that we threw this year.

Also, here is the opener from SNL this past week to honor the victims in Newtown, CT.  This is still something that is on my mind, and I thought this was a really beautiful way to just say, wow, our hearts are broken.

Anyway, By the time the weekend is over it will be Christmas Eve, and I'm really looking forward to hugging all my family close.  Have a great weekend, love and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 19

Lele lusting after a new bathroom

So just as I was feeling thankful I am wanting things again.  Yeah, I guess that's just how I work.

I'm starting to not like Sean and I's apartment. I mean I love it, but sometimes I just don't love it.   I'm starting to feel like, "Hey, we're getting married, maybe we should have a bathroom that doesn't let the snow in through the ceiling?  Or a dresser that doesn't have chipping paint from 10 coats of paint trying to make it nice, or weird puzzle pieces of clothing and suitcases all throughout the house because we actually don't have a closet?"

I"m starting to pine over the idea of a home.  Where we have a bathroom with clean tiles and claw foot tub and a big countertop with two sinks, one for Sean and one for me.  Where we have a living room with hardwood floors and a dog and two french doors that open out onto our backyard where we have the perfect wooden farmers picnic table.  And we have a fireplace, and tons of counterspace in the kitchen, and cushy carpet in our bedroom.  A girl can dream, right?

I will always love Sean and I's apartment because it's where we started.  It's where we figured out how to live together, how to find a job in NYC, it's where we've had our very best and our very worst moments together, and most importantly it's where we got engaged!  But sometimes I can't help but think about how amazing our home would be.  I know we'll get there someday, but for now, I suppose I'll just keep making weird improvements to our current space.

Tuesday, December 18

Lele feeling pretty thankful today

Little ARE you?  How are you holding up?  I hope you're all doing okay.  Things have been really insane in the world lately, and I know I've been MIA from the blog lately, but I'm ready to make a come-back for real.  I miss this blog and for some ungodly reason it makes me feel like I have a purpose, if for nothing else but to stay connected to all of my friends and family, which feels incredibly important lately.

I know it's Christmas-time but for some reason I've been having a really hard time feeling very "Christmas-ey" lately.  I guess its starting a new job, feeling like I've lost my mind, feeling like the world has lost its mind (i'm not even going to talk about Connecticut because I WILL start crying), and the fact that we are leaving town in 3 days.  We are headed up to Albs for Christmas with Sean's family on Saturday and then flying to Kansas on Wednesday.  This will be the first Christmas in my whole life I've ever NOT seen my parents on Christmas day.  I guess its part of that whole growing up thing and getting married where you start to do things as a couple and not just on your own.  And I"m really excited about it..but I'll be honest, it feels a little strange.  However, I've heard the Kenealy's know how to throw a Christmas party, so I'm excited.

I guess I'm just going to throw a few things out there that I'm thankful for to start the blog back up:

1)  I am SO THANKFUL for my best friend Emily who just had her second daughter today:  Elsie Rose Joyce.  I can't even say the name without tears coming to my eyes.  Waking up to a text message of that little face is about as good as it gets.    I am so proud to call Emily my friend, and those little girls are so lucky to have Emily as their mom.  Emily has become a woman and a mother that plays the role of mother, wife, and teacher with such grace, and all I can say is how friggin' proud of her I am and how much I love her!  Also,  Happy 1 day Birthday Elsie!

2)  I'm thankful for my art practice.  Things have not been going very well with that lately, in fact, I was supposed to be in a show in January in NYC (my first ever manhattan show that I was uber excited about), and the curator pulled me out of the show.  Didn't like my work.  GIANT BUMMER.  But I got over the shock of that, even though I had been preparing for months, and realized art will always be there for me even when others don't accept it.  I can always go back to it.  It's mine and no one else's.

3)  I'm very thankful for my new job.  It's giving me an entire new perspective on this city and making me realize goals for myself I never knew I had (more on that later), but so far, still loving this gig.

4) I am extremely thankful for Seanny.  I mean, seriously, we have a GREAT time together, and I don't know where I'd be without him.  It's amazing how the longer you're with someone, the more you learn about them.  Just when you thought you had them down, he goes and does something incredible that just makes me love him more for the person that he is, and the person that he's becoming.  Pretty excited for a lifetime of that.

So anyway, I hope you all had a nice Tuesday so far, and just so you know, Lele Likey is back!

Tuesday, December 4

Lele likey her new job

Um. Okay. I don't even know where to begin.  

First of all, you guys have GOT to go to the jewelry store that I'm working at now.  Seriously the most beautiful jewelry I HAVE EVER SEEN.  And that's actually saying something...cuz I've seen a thing or two.  I literally drool over everything in the store.  It aint cheap....but GD it's worth every penny.  I love watching these customers walk in with their Prada bags and their Miu Miu pumps and they're like 80 years old still looking fabulous living in NY, and they just want to buy their 10 year old some earrings because they love the brand so much.  I can get ON BOARD with that kind of put-together.  And I think I'm going to be able to sell the shiz out of this stuff.

Secondly, I love working with women.  OMG.  I haven't had female co-workers EVER, and I'm in love.  With all of them.  They all love cats, and tell me how pretty the earrings look on me, and let me pull things out of the cases and wear them all day, and then over lunch we talk about weddings and art. It's kind of wonderful.

Thirdly, it's only the first day, and I know things will be up and down...but so far... a REALLY good start to my new gig.

I mean, seriously, how can you argue with diamonds.  Seanny might be in trouble...

Monday, December 3

Lele likey a Broadway sing along

How were your weekends, loves?  My weekend was great, was definitely filled with one too many cocktails, but I had a blast with all of my little NYC besties.

Clayton, the dashing young man in the photos, took us to this bar where instead of karaoke, there is a piano player playing ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE BROADWAY HITS.  And this is where all of the wanna-be Broadway-ers come for a cocktail and a song, and everyone just stands around the piano and sings!    So, it's basically like the most incredible karaoke you will ever hear in your life because everyone is a professional singer and AMAZING!  This place was so much fun.  It's called Marie's Crisis.  So. Great.

At one point this man was singing this solo from Les Mis, and I was seriously in tears.  TEARS I TELL YOU.  And then it made me so excited for the movie.

Oh, and I had my last day EVER at my old job today, and I start my new job tomorrow.  New beginnings friends, and its feelin' good.  Happy Monday!

Friday, November 30

Lele ready for a girl's weekend!

Well, little loves, what are you up to this weekend?

This is my last weekend until I start my new job, and I'm hoping to work in the studio, go to the gym, drink a lot of coffee, and then tomorrow night I'm having a GIRL'S NIGHT.  Sean is out of town, and I'm gonna get gussied up with my besties and go out on the town.  

I'm excited, girl's nights are THE BEST.

Here's a song to help you prep for your Girl's Night Out or In! Is it bad that I kinda LOVE Taylor Swift?   Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 29

Lele is worried about her hair. I guess you guys kinda like my blog, and who am I kidding?  I love this thing, so may as well keep it going.... So I'm gonna see if I can work this back into my schedule a bit.  Thanks so much for your comments.  :)  Love ya'll.

Anyway, let's talk about something very important that is a recurring topic on here:  my hair.  Seriously, I think about my hair way too much, especially now that I am getting married.  Also, I'm trying to grow it out just a little bit, but then I keep sabotaging myself.  I like that my hair is short now, I think it looks pretty good on me, and I'm not sure I'm cut out for crazy long locks where I have to seriously maintain that shiz.  But that being said, I wish my hair was just a little bit longer so I could do something like this for the wedding.

So I went in yesterday to get highlights and a haircut from my most absolute favorite stylist, Maryanna, whom I have built a very wonderful, supportive relationship with regarding my locks.  You may think this is ridiculous, but it has taken me a very long time in NYC to find someone that I trust and that I can actually afford.

Anyway, yesterday I said I wanted to "clean up" the back because it was getting a little shaggy, but now I'm nervous she took off too much and I only have 7 months left (as of today) to grow it back out. So MAYBE I can get 2 inches out of that time?  Maybe 3?

Also, big news on the wedding front:  I think we've changed our minds from Seanny boy wearing a grey suit.  I think we're gonna go full on tuxes for all the boys, now.  I mean, why not?  It is a wedding, and you seriously can't beat a man in a tux.  Also, its just easier for all the guys to go to Men's Wearhouse, put in their measurements, and it's all taken care of.  

Don't I look great with those foils in my hur?