Thursday, November 29

Lele is worried about her hair. I guess you guys kinda like my blog, and who am I kidding?  I love this thing, so may as well keep it going.... So I'm gonna see if I can work this back into my schedule a bit.  Thanks so much for your comments.  :)  Love ya'll.

Anyway, let's talk about something very important that is a recurring topic on here:  my hair.  Seriously, I think about my hair way too much, especially now that I am getting married.  Also, I'm trying to grow it out just a little bit, but then I keep sabotaging myself.  I like that my hair is short now, I think it looks pretty good on me, and I'm not sure I'm cut out for crazy long locks where I have to seriously maintain that shiz.  But that being said, I wish my hair was just a little bit longer so I could do something like this for the wedding.

So I went in yesterday to get highlights and a haircut from my most absolute favorite stylist, Maryanna, whom I have built a very wonderful, supportive relationship with regarding my locks.  You may think this is ridiculous, but it has taken me a very long time in NYC to find someone that I trust and that I can actually afford.

Anyway, yesterday I said I wanted to "clean up" the back because it was getting a little shaggy, but now I'm nervous she took off too much and I only have 7 months left (as of today) to grow it back out. So MAYBE I can get 2 inches out of that time?  Maybe 3?

Also, big news on the wedding front:  I think we've changed our minds from Seanny boy wearing a grey suit.  I think we're gonna go full on tuxes for all the boys, now.  I mean, why not?  It is a wedding, and you seriously can't beat a man in a tux.  Also, its just easier for all the guys to go to Men's Wearhouse, put in their measurements, and it's all taken care of.  

Don't I look great with those foils in my hur?

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  1. Your cute is really cute. There is plenty of room to play with styles for your wedding.

    You can always get extensions for your wedding day, if you want a little more length. Just consider if you'll look at your wedding photos and think "That's not my hair." If you'll think that, maybe extensions aren't the right decision.