Tuesday, December 4

Lele likey her new job

Um. Okay. I don't even know where to begin.  

First of all, you guys have GOT to go to the jewelry store that I'm working at now.  Seriously the most beautiful jewelry I HAVE EVER SEEN.  And that's actually saying something...cuz I've seen a thing or two.  I literally drool over everything in the store.  It aint cheap....but GD it's worth every penny.  I love watching these customers walk in with their Prada bags and their Miu Miu pumps and they're like 80 years old still looking fabulous living in NY, and they just want to buy their 10 year old some earrings because they love the brand so much.  I can get ON BOARD with that kind of put-together.  And I think I'm going to be able to sell the shiz out of this stuff.

Secondly, I love working with women.  OMG.  I haven't had female co-workers EVER, and I'm in love.  With all of them.  They all love cats, and tell me how pretty the earrings look on me, and let me pull things out of the cases and wear them all day, and then over lunch we talk about weddings and art. It's kind of wonderful.

Thirdly, it's only the first day, and I know things will be up and down...but so far... a REALLY good start to my new gig.

I mean, seriously, how can you argue with diamonds.  Seanny might be in trouble...


  1. So much easier to comment! Thank you! Now I shall bug the shit out of your blog.

  2. amazing leah! soo freakin happy for you