Wednesday, December 19

Lele lusting after a new bathroom

So just as I was feeling thankful I am wanting things again.  Yeah, I guess that's just how I work.

I'm starting to not like Sean and I's apartment. I mean I love it, but sometimes I just don't love it.   I'm starting to feel like, "Hey, we're getting married, maybe we should have a bathroom that doesn't let the snow in through the ceiling?  Or a dresser that doesn't have chipping paint from 10 coats of paint trying to make it nice, or weird puzzle pieces of clothing and suitcases all throughout the house because we actually don't have a closet?"

I"m starting to pine over the idea of a home.  Where we have a bathroom with clean tiles and claw foot tub and a big countertop with two sinks, one for Sean and one for me.  Where we have a living room with hardwood floors and a dog and two french doors that open out onto our backyard where we have the perfect wooden farmers picnic table.  And we have a fireplace, and tons of counterspace in the kitchen, and cushy carpet in our bedroom.  A girl can dream, right?

I will always love Sean and I's apartment because it's where we started.  It's where we figured out how to live together, how to find a job in NYC, it's where we've had our very best and our very worst moments together, and most importantly it's where we got engaged!  But sometimes I can't help but think about how amazing our home would be.  I know we'll get there someday, but for now, I suppose I'll just keep making weird improvements to our current space.

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  1. Never got to live in a little apartment with Seamus, but we did live in a tiny brick house that I could vacum with one outlet and we both talk about that house and we miss it all the time. Not that we don't love our home now, but there is something nice about little spaces without a lot of nice things and knowing that you fell in love there. You'll miss your shitty bathroom one day. It's romantic.