Tuesday, January 8

Lele trying to do Bridal Bootcamp

Okay guys, its offish.  I'm in full on Bridal Bootcamp mode and that means serious business.  I tried on my dress over the holidays (which I will admit was bad timing after I shoved 32 sugar cookies in my mouth per day)...but let's just say the dress was a wee bit snug.

And do you know what one of my biggest fears is on my wedding day?

Back fat.

I'm serious.  I do not want that skin hangin' over the back of my dress.  Uh uh. nah.  Not this girl.

So I've cut out beer, bread after 5pm, and have begun meal planning like a crazy person.  I made this vegetarian soup the other night and it was AWESOME.  I'm starting to realize that no matter how much I work out, nothing will change unless I change my diet as well.  So, that's what I'm tryin' to do.  I've decided that on the 29th of each month I can reward myself with a treat (because we are getting married on the 29th of June, so it'll be like a monthly marker....are you starting to see my crazy?), like a burger or a shake or something, but every other day of the month I have to be on my game.

So, giddy 'up!  Bridal bootcamp here we come!