Thursday, March 7

Lele trying to love her apartment



I feel like I need to make a comeback on the blog because there have been some events happening lately that I just feel the need to complain about, or talk about, or just get it out into the world.  So, I'm tellin' ya right now.  I think I need to get back to what Lele Likey.

Here's the deal.  I started a new job, I have seriously zero time, and our wedding is getting ridiculously close, and I'm pretty much starting to obsess over every detail.  I didn't think I would be cray cray, and I keep telling myself that "Leah, just remember that this day is about you and Sean." and of course it is. But its also about so many other people too.  And so many people are involved in this thing, its kinda nuts, and there's seriously so many freaking decisions to make, and things to do, and people to see, and things to make sure are in working order.  Like, good lord what am I going to do with my hair? What shoes am I gonna wear?  What are my bridesmaids gonna put on their feet? What is my mom gonna wear?  Did I address that envelope properly?  Did they break up?  Are they a "Mr." or a "Dr."?  And do you have to spell that shit out?  Did I spell everyone's names right?  Does everyone feel equally loved whether they are in the bridal party or not?  Are people sick of me talking about the wedding?  Holy shit I haven't made artwork in a really long time and I have a show in June the week before the wedding.  Is a little kid gonna barf on my dress?  They better not.  How can I lose weight before this day so I feel amazing, because I'm trying right now and I'm pretty much starving all the time.

And now, to top it all off:

Remember this post?

Well.  Turns out our DIY closet actually did rip the closet down and the wall along with it.  Last night I went to hang up a dress and I hear this giant "craaaaaack" coming from behind my clothes hanging on their stupid closet rod, and i look behind the clothes and a giant chunk of the wall has come off along with the fricking post that holds up the closet rod.

So we had to take all of our clothes down.  Put them on the floor because we don't have a single closet in our apartment and we have to figure out what the hell we're gonna do with 1) our clothes 2) this Giant gaping hole in our wall.

I guess IKEA here we come?!


This is a little how I feel about our closet ripping our wall down.  Oh Seanny, here we go again, good old Dekalb Avenue. 

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